Evolved and variously settled over time, urban settings have a unique history and underlying spatial order. When asked to intervene in such places our first aim is always to understand this underlying logic. By evaluating its strengths and limitations we are able to propose ways of structuring space and organising activities that create an appropriate framework for new development.

Enhancing the existing community’s needs and aspirations and creating a synergy with the aspirations of new inhabitants, careful urban design strengthens the character of a place and animates it with new attractions and amenities.

London Dock Masterplan

London 2012 - current


London 2012

Reims Cultural Quarter

France 1991

Athletes' Village Guidelines

London 2009

Thames View

London 2009

Bankside Study

London 1995

Woolston Riverside

Southampton 2008

Stratford Masterplan

London 1998

Ayr Citadel

Scotland 1994

Silvertown Quays

London 2002

Framework Plan

Bracknell 2005

Landscape Framework

Ashton-under-Lyne 2004

Antwerp Docks

Antwerp 1990

Chelsea Barracks

London 2009